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OFFICIALLY LICENSED ACL® COMP: The only officially licensed and certified ACL® COMP Hornet bags for competitive play. Designed for fans and players looking to develop their game and pursue a competitive edge

DUAL FABRIC: By combining Poly-FD1 and Poly-DT1 fabrics, the Afterburner is a versatile choice for up-and-coming players, providing a wide variety of shot options.

SPEED RATING: Dual Speed Bag: 93 Fast and 71 Slow ratings.

DFR PELLET FILLER: Our Dust-Free Resin (DFR) blend enables perfectly duplicated throws, through consistent pellet weight, along with all-weather resistance for ultimate durability.

REGULATION: 6” x 6”, 16oz. CNC machine sewn and double stitched for exacting standards and ACL® COMP certified consistency.

ACL® COMP AFTERBURNER BAGS – 4 PACK is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.