Men's Handlelife Heavy Basketball - 29.5"

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      • Hype Men's Basketball – 29.5"

        Males: 13+


        • SUPERIOR BALL HANDLING AND GRIP — All-new Goalrilla Hype men’s basketball offers superior ball handling and grip
        • SOFT FEEL AND DEEP CHANNELS — Pro-style basketball designed to mirror that of pro-level balls used in NCAA college basketball and NBA games
        • LONG-LASTING DURABILITY — The basketball’s microfiber composite leather cover is long-lasting to withstand the toughest environments and help maintain grip over time
        • PLAY INDOORS OR OUTDOORS — Hype basketball is suitable for play at both indoor or outdoor courts
        • REGULATION OFFICIAL SIZE BALL — Official size ball is 29.5” regulation size for men’s basketball. Designed for male players ages 13 years and older.